Patient Success Story | Baby of Vishakha Adhav

Vishakha Adhav’s baby was born moderately preterm, at about 35 weeks of gestation but with an extremely low birthweight of 950 gms. He was delivered by emergency caesarean section after his mother experienced a sudden rise in blood pressure leading to pre-eclampsia.

When he arrived at Neobliss Newborn Care, he had respiratory distress and was given non-invasive ventilation for 3 days and gradually weaned off the support. Soon after that baby had complications and showed signs of PDA which after confirmation with 2D Echo was treated on time.

Also, challenging was the fact that the family had to fight with their finances to support his long stay in the NICU.

After 30 days, he was discharged on a weight of 1.4kgs and no neurodevelopmental deficits.

Team Neobliss is extremely happy to have been able to help a newborn and his family in a time of crisis and discharge a healthy baby.

We wish him good health and a happy life