Patient Success Story | Baby Srivika

Baby Srivika was born on 16th October 2021, to parents Sarika and Vinod Shelar after many years of failed IVF treatments. Baby was born preterm at 28 weeks of gestation which is merely 7 months of pregnancy with an extremely low birth weight of 800gms.

Soon as the baby was born, baby needed ventilator support for the premature lungs and critical condition due to extreme prematurity. Parents were aware of the critical condition of the baby and were counselled antenatally as well about the risks of a preterm birth and how extreme prematurity has a very low chance of survival.

During the 1st week, baby stayed on ventilator and was gradually weaned from support. But with prematurity came other challenges such as intolerance of feeds and the baby was dependent on total parenteral nutrition for growth. Gradually as the baby started to tolerate feeds, baby had anaemia of prematurity and received a blood transfusion. Later, baby required Oxygen support for BPD spells which is itself is a consequence to prematurity and its treatment.

The baby fought through; and after 5 weeks of birth, was weaned off all support and was taking feeds orally and gaining weight. Baby’s cranial sonography and ROP check-up turned up normal. The immense faith of the parents on Team Neobliss, their belief in the almighty and the fighter spirit of this tiny baby made the impossible possible even after multiple hurdles came their way during the recovery of their baby in the NICU.

Elated parents, Sarika and Vinod Shelar celebrated Children’s Day 2021 at Neobliss by decorating the hospital and spreading joy to other parents as well. The Grand celebration that they did while taking their princess home was a sight not to be missed.

We, Dr. Avi Sanghavi and Dr. Shivani Sanghavi, on behalf of Team Neobliss are happy to discharge Baby Srivika, at a weight of 1.57 kgs, corrected gestational age of 35 weeks, with no neurodevelopmental deficits after 48 days of NICU stay.

We wish her a happy and healthy life!