What is a paediatric ward?


Children are not just small adults. They do not always say what is bothering them. They cannot always answer medical questions or be patient and helpful while in the hospital. If your paediatrician suggests that your child requires hospital admission, you can be assured that your child will receive the high-quality care which is absolutely [...]

What is a paediatric ward?2021-05-23T03:22:44+05:30

What is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)?


A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a hospital intensive care unit that specialises in looking after sick and critical newborn babies.NICUs have specialist doctors, nurses and equipment to care for sick babies.

What is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)?2021-05-23T05:47:04+05:30

What is a Neonatologist


Neonatologists are doctors who specialize in the care of newborn children. Newborns can present a unique set of health challenges that require a high level of skill and medical expertise to treat. Although most children are born without problems, neonatologists are the first line of support in a high-risk birth.

What is a Neonatologist2021-09-08T08:02:22+05:30

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?


First of all, it’s necessary to understand there are some things you can’t control about your baby’s sleeping habits. It’s normal for babies to wake in the night because they need to eat every few hours to sustain their life. As they gain weight, he or she will naturally go longer between feedings. It’s quite [...]

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?2021-09-08T08:01:23+05:30

What to do when babies cry?


All newborns cry and get fussy sometimes. It's normal for a baby to cry for 2–3 hours a day for the first 6 weeks. During the first 3 months of life, they cry more than at any other time. What Can Help a Crying Baby? You can't spoil your baby with too much attention. To [...]

What to do when babies cry?2021-10-21T23:31:08+05:30

Are vaccines safe?


Vaccines are very safe. Your child is far more likely to be hurt by a vaccine-preventable disease than by a vaccine. All vaccines go through rigorous safety testing, including clinical trials, before they are approved for the public.

Are vaccines safe?2022-01-06T10:16:06+05:30

How do vaccines work?


Vaccines help your immune system fight infections more efficiently by sparking your immune response to specific diseases. Then, if the virus or bacteria ever invades your body in the future, your immune system will already know how to fight it.

How do vaccines work?2022-01-06T10:14:00+05:30

What are vaccines?


Vaccines are products that are usually given in childhood to protect against serious, often deadly diseases. By stimulating your body’s natural defenses, they prepare your body to fight the disease faster and more effectively.

What are vaccines?2022-01-06T10:13:17+05:30

What is immunization and how does it work?


Immunization is a way of protecting the human body against infectious diseases through vaccination. Immunisation prepares our bodies to fight against diseases in case we come into contact with them in the future. Babies are born with some natural immunity which they get from their mother and through breastfeeding. This gradually wears off as the [...]

What is immunization and how does it work?2022-01-06T09:51:46+05:30

How to change food consistency and type for a growing child?


At 6 months of age, start with pureed, mashed, and semi-solid foods. Most infants can eat “finger foods” around 8 months. Most children can eat the family foods by the end of 1 year. Avoid foods that may be lodged in the windpipe (such as nuts, grapes, and raw carrots) and can result in choking. [...]

How to change food consistency and type for a growing child?2022-05-20T04:32:39+05:30
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